Father's Day w/ LightningCloud & Friends

Posted On: 06/15/2012

Sunday, June 17th - Come check out Dey & Nite this Sunday night at The Terrance for "Father's Day w/ LightningCloud & Friends".  MC RedCloud and Crystle Lightning have teamed up and will headline for the first time as LightningCloud.  Dey & Nite will be rocking the stage as well as The Crux, The Paranorml, I Suppose, Kings Of Spring, DJ Hydroe and special guest, Pigeon John!!  The show begins at 8pm and runs until midnight.  Admission is free and the show is open to all ages!  See you there this Sunday!!  

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by mike agar

Hi. Just wanted to say hello. We're the older Anglo couple who met one of you in the Fitness Center in Gallup on Aug 2nd and chatted a bit. You gave us the web page and we listened and liked your sound. Ellen and I wish the one we met and the other twin all the success in the world. If we're lucky maybe we'll get to hear you live one day. Mike Agar and Ellen Taylor www.ethknoworks.com

On 8/4/2012 4:54:36 PM

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