About Dey & Nite

Dey & Nite, identical twins, twelve minutes apart, were born in Gallup, New Mexico on the 4th of September and were raised in a loving family by their Mexican American father and Spanish Arapaho Indian mother. The Twins began playing the piano at the age of nine, began singing at twelve and wrote their first song at the tender age of fourteen, "Baby Never Leave Me" and have been in love with writing and performing music ever since. Their very 1st musical influences come from church where the twins first began singing. They are inspired and influenced by God, life’s love and pain.

The Twins have many favorite artists and a diverse musical background.  They were exposed to jazz and classical by their father and grew up listening to Michael Jackson, Debarge, The Beatles, Mariah Carey, Stevie Wonder, and Maxwell.  Dey & Nite have struggled, searched and sacrificed to develop themselves as serious female artists and they have created a pure, authentic, organic sound they can call their own; a soft blend of New-Pop and R&B with intentions of making "Twin-Pop" the next BIG THING.

In their journey of ups and downs in the music business, The Twins have managed their own career and been blessed to have accomplished singing back-up for the young, talented Paula Deanda on MTV TRL performing her number one hit "Easy" featuring Bow Wow. The Twins also traveled with Paula to Texas for the summer fest in Corpus Christi and shared the stage with Soulda Boy, Baby Bash and Amanda Perez, and also accompanied her to Los Angeles performing at The Grove. Dey & Nite also recorded a song called, “In The Mood" with the very popular and globally known hip hop artist, Baby Bash. Dey & Nite toured Australia, Mexico, and Brazil with the very beautiful worldwide known platinum female artist Hilary Duff as the sole back-up singers for “The Dignity Tour”.

Recently, Dey & Nite have been blessed with the opportunity to break into the Canadian music market and develop a strong fan base.  They have worked with Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) in Winnipeg for "Breaking New Sound" and "Aboriginal Day Live 2011".  They also sang the American and Canadian national anthems for the Manitoba Moose "Follow Your Dreams" night for the youth.

Other notable events that Dey & Nite have been a part of would include Indigenous Games USA 2011 in Milwaukee, WI, the L.A. Skins Music Fest in Los Angeles, CA, the Natchitoches Jazz / R&B Festival 2010 & 2011 in Natchitoches, LA, singing the national anthem for the 49ers / Chargers NFL game, the Giants / Phillies and Dodgers / Cardinals MLB games. 

One of their proudest accomplishments to date is the song entitled “Get Up Wit Me” written by Dey & Nite, and produced by the fabulous platinum hit producer J.R. Rotem, who also produced the hit, "SOS" by Rhianna and "Beautiful Girls" by Sean Kingston. “Get Up Wit Me” is being spun on the Nationally Syndicated Radio Show, Pocos Pero Locos on Power 106 in Los Angeles, California. The record has caught the attention of local radio stations including Millennium Media, and Clear Channel in New Mexico. The Twins have worked hard in gaining the respect as New Mexico's own finest artists and were recently honored and featured as so at the 1st Annual Native-E Music Awards in Albuquerque, New Mexico where The Twins performed. The Twins have captured the attention and have gained the recognition for their accomplishments by promoters around the nation. In September 2008 The Twins opened up for New Mexico’s biggest concert of the year called "The Takeover III", sharing the stage with artists such as Franky J, Baby Bash, Play-n-S